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In terms of actual money, it costs very little actual money just to keep Issuepedia running; I do all my own technical support. However, time spent on it takes away from other income-generating activities -- and it would be nice to have additional researchers, writers, and programmers.

If you would like to help maintain and improve the quality of Issuepedia, please consider contributing in any of the following ways:

  • Buy me a book from my public policy wish list
    • ...or, if you disagree with the views on this site, buy me a book advocating opposing views and I will happily analyze it.
  • Shop at currently on hiatus, but back Real Soon Now
  • Buy Woozalia's products at Zazzle
  • Donate through:
    • Bitcoin: 1DjRtWzv38y7ARjt5T7r8HBspxZRaqCnDq
    • PayPal: pay-wspam@spamhypertwinsspam.spamorg

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

All Donations Received in the History of Ever

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