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This page is intended as a catalog or index of existing political ideologies.


  • Political ideology currently redirects here; it should eventually be a separate page discussing the concept rather than different examples.

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maybe these should go under ideologies or worldviews

  • mysticism: intuition important, observation unimportant
  • nihilism could be defined as a very low value assigned to human understanding (further implying that neither intuition nor reason has much value either)
  • postmodernism
  • romanticism



  • Wikipedia (Ideologies of parties): a list of political ideologies, broken down by main ideological emphasis


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  • 2006-03-12 [Talk|Index] The Ultimate Goal § A single question for determining someone's political ideology: “If you had your way, and your revolution succeeded, what would the world of your great-grandchildren be like, in a hundred or two hundred or a thousand years?”