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...actually, moral relativism seems to be just a contingent within postmodernism. If Larry Wall [1] is to be believed, postmodernism is actually more about not seeing a particular thing as necessarily all good or bad, but rather being able to take it apart (deconstructionism) and re-use the good bits. This aspect of it shows postmodernism's roots in modernism, which (among other things) embraces the Enlightenment notion of rejecting the need for a feudal lord, rejecting the need for blind fealty to any particular person. Postmodernism takes this a step further by applying this idea to ideas (art, etc.), i.e. we don't have to simplistically evaluate any particular thing as all-good, all-bad, or all-something-in-between; we can take it apart, see what makes it tick, and keep the best parts. In this particular regard, postmodernism is actually rather scientific. --Woozle 20:04, 5 December 2006 (EST)