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Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google (Updated)  +
Exclusive: Transgender travelers singled out in TSA screenings, docs show  +
Executing Saddam Hussein was an Act of Vandalism  +
Expensing Misogyny  +
Explaining Socialism To A Republican  +
Exposed: the exploitation of girls in UK gangs  +
Extreme Capitalism Depends on Government Subsidies, Corporate Welfare and Worker Insecurity  +
Eyes Over Compton: How Police Spied on a Whole City  +
FEC Will Consider Allowing Bitcoin Donations to Political Campaigns  +
Facebook Could Decide an Election Without Anyone Ever Finding Out  +
Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists  +
Facebook allows prominent right-wing website to break the rules  +
Fall Into Theocracy #1: How the Catholic Church is Killing Polish Democracy  +
Far Right Hypocrisy in Nevada  +
Farage blames Paris attacks on immigrants, UK foreign policy  +
Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm  +
Fatwah envy, again  +
Fear not the 'bot? As robots take jobs, experts ask if humans will keep up  +
Feburary 8, 2022 elections in Oklahoma (United States)  +
Federal Grazing Program in Bundy Dispute Rips-Off Taxpayers, Wild Horses  +
Finland's Internet service provider refuses to block The Pirate Bay  +
Fiscal cliff: America goes to the brink, but millions already fell into poverty  +
Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked  +
Flight MH370 Families: We Have No Faith in Missing Jet Probe  +
Floating Utopias  +
For Economic Stability, Follow the French  +
For Insurers, No Doubts on Climate Change  +
Former U.S. Ambassador: Behind Crimea Crisis, Russia Responding to Years of "Hostile" U.S. Policy  +
Fox News Argues Viewers Don't Assume Tucker Carlson Reports Facts  +
Fox News host calls out Darrell Issa for "highest level of falsehood" on Benghazi  +
Fox News pushed coronavirus misinformation 253 times in just five days  +
Fox panel imagines Hillary Clinton assassination – then uses it to attack her for Benghazi  +
Fox's Karl Rove says he thinks Hillary Clinton might have brain damage  +
France - Muslims Feel Backlash After Paris Terror As Pig Heads Thrown Into Mosques  +
Fraudsters Already Exploiting Google+  +
Frazier Glenn Miller, charged in Kansas killings at Jewish Center, participated in deadly Greensboro confrontation  +
Freedom Means Responsibility  +
Friday, December 16, 2022 (#350)  +
Friday, December 2, 2022 (#336)  +
Friday, November 11, 2022 (#315)  +
Friday, November 18, 2022 (#322)  +
Friday, November 25, 2022 (#329)  +
Friday, November 4, 2022 (#308)  +
Friday, October 28, 2022 (#301)  +
Friends in Revolution  +
From a logical point of view ...  +
From the Wilderness Forward, What Really Happened to Michael C. Ruppert  +
From the fringe to the Hill  +
Fukushima has 9 days to prevent "unsafe" overheating  +
Fukushima's Children are Dying  +
Fuller Memorial Presbyterian / Durham Rescue Mission  +
GOP Rep. Steve King Would Reject Debt Ceiling Deal With $3 Trillion In Cuts And Just $8 In Revenue Increases  +
GOP War on Women: Mississippi Could Soon Lose its Only Abortion Clinic  +
GOP Went Fishing For Bad Obamacare News And Came Up Empty  +
GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge  +
GOP bury House Benghazi report  +
GOP can't even win the healthcare argument in the South  +
GOP congressional candidate said US suffered from women’s suffrage and praised organization trying to repeal 19th Amendment  +
GOP's Woman-Haters Club Swells: Why Their Hatred Is Actually Getting Worse  +
Gaslighting Is a Common Victim-Blaming Abuse Tactic – Here Are 4 Ways to Recognize It in Your Life  +
Gender Ideology Harms Children  +
George W Bush unveils portraits of world leaders at presidential library in Dallas  +
George Will: Being a victim of sexual assault is a "coveted status that confers privileges"  +
Georgia Governor: Gun Bill Protects 'Law Abiding Citizens'  +
German Village Produces 321% More Energy Than It Needs!  +
Get Ready to Say President Trump  +
Getting to Crazy  +
Girls gone guilty: Evolutionary psych on sex #2  +
Give Me Amendments or Give Me Death  +
Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Corporate Media is "Neutered, Impotent and Obsolete"  +
Global Warming Is 300-Year-Old News  +
Global Warming Slows Antarctica's Coldest Currents  +
Google Confirms: Non-Real Name Google Profiles Risk Suspension (I.E., Google ''Still'' Doesn't Get Social)  +
Google Deletes Last 7 Years Of User's Digital Life, Shrugs  +
Google Joins the Kochs in Pumping Funds into the Conservative George Mason University  +
Google Removes Deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Center Ads  +
Google made my son cry  +
Google reportedly launching 180 satellites for global internet service  +
Google town hall meeting canceled after days of online harassment  +
Google's gormless 'no pseudonym' policy  +
Google+ Real Names Policy Is About Brands, Not People  +
Gov. Pat McCrory, Rep. Mark Sanford get payouts from broker  +
Grazing Fees: Overview and Issues  +
Great Barrier Reef Will Be 'Pretty Ugly' By 2050, Researchers Say  +
Groom kidnappings: A blot on India's Bihar  +
Guaranteed Living Income  +
Guest Post: Gender Inequality in Chess  +
Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze  +
Hacker group Anonymous gets blocked from Google+, will develop their own social network  +
Hacking The World's Dictionaries To Change The Definition Of Marriage  +
Harris-Perry: "Disgusting" voter-suppression tactics still spreading  +
Harsh Reality Break: 234 Girls Kidnapped from Physics Test  +
Harvard professor's 'super PAC' aims to end power of 'super PACs'  +
Has the NSA broken SSL? TLS? AES?  +
Hedge Fund Titans Hum a Happy Tune as They Target Public Schools  +
Here's How TurboTax Just Tricked You Into Paying to File Your Taxes  +
High carbon dioxide levels set a record  +
Hillary Clinton: I'm running for president  +
Hobby Lobby Is Now Discriminating Against a Transgender Employee  +
Hobby Lobby Made Fight a Matter of Christian Principle  +
Hobby Lobby Part VIII: Hobby Lobby's identification of the "precise religious exercise at issue here," and some thoughts on whether federal law substantially burdens it  +
Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage to $14 for Full-Time Employees  +
Hobby Lobby provided emergency contraceptives before they opposed them  +
Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius  +
Hobby Lobby's Hypocrisy  +
Hobby Lobby's religious real estate hobby  +
Homosexual "Marriage" and Civilization  +
House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories  +
House panel finds no intelligence failure in Benghazi attacks  +
House passes GOP budget plan despite bipartisan opposition  +
House votes to restrict DEA marijuana raids  +
How A Conservative 6-3 Majority Would Reshape The Supreme Court  +
How Does He Keep Getting A Platform? Bill Kristol's History Of Terrible Predictions And Bad Advice  +
How Five American Companies Control What You Think  +
How Green Is a Tesla, Really?  +
How I learned to stop worrying and love Amazon  +
How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Health Co-Op?  +
How McCain Could Win  +
How Muslim Scholars View Paris Attack (In-depth)  +
How Russian & Alt-Right Twitter Accounts Worked Together to Skew the Narrative About Berkeley  +
How Unequal We Are: The Top 5 Facts You Should Know About The Wealthiest One Percent Of Americans  +
How Women Will Be Hurt by Gay Marriage  +
How a Pepsi consultant burned a "$400k game jam" down  +
How committed are ISPs to graduated response?  +
How many ways has K&L Gates touched you today?  +
How marriage has changed over centuries  +
How one college went from 10% female computer-science majors to 40%  +
How the Military Is Preparing for Climate Change War  +
How the Myth of the "Negro Cocaine Fiend" Helped Shape American Drug Policy  +
How the Psychiatrist Who Co-Wrote the Manual on Sex Talks About Sex  +
How to Solve Global Warming: It's the Energy Supply  +
How we discovered Verizon's Spamdetector could be twisted into a disguise for censorship  +
Huge coalition led by Amazon, Microsoft, and others take a stand against FCC on net neutrality  +
Hundreds expected to protest Islamic meeting in Garland  +
Hypocrisy? Hobby Lobby fights government mandate to give employees access to birth control coverage on religious grounds, yet makes millions on products primarily from China where 7 million abortions and forced contraceptive surgeries a year take place  +
I Had an Ectopic Pregnancy, and Anti-Choice Laws Could Have Made My Experience Much Worse  +
I guess I'm an MRA now  +
I worked for Jared Kushner. He’s the wrong businessman to reinvent government.  +
I've been suspended from Google+  +
I.R.S. Bars Employers From Dumping Workers Into Health Exchanges  +
IGD Portland: Mass Community Mobilization Against Far-Right  +
IPCC attribution statements redux: A response to Judith Curry  +
Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy  +
Idaho, United States  +
If 97% of Americans Sold Everything They Owned and Spent It on Congressional Elections, They Still Couldn't Max Out  +
Images and Video from East Ukraine that the Corporate Media Will Never Show You  +
Impact of Massive Tax Cuts on Kansas Offers a Warning to Wisconsin  +
Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs  +
In 2014, it's like deja vu all over again  +
In Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020)  +
In Response to Dave Winer  +
Indiana, United States  +
Indianapolis cops must allow citizens to film police activity after $200k settlement  +
Inside The Koch-Backed History Lessons North Carolina Wants To Teach High School Students  +
Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free  +
Insiders spill beans on Palin  +
Intuit Does Subterfuge To Combat Free-Filing Tax Returns  +
Is J.K. Rowling Transphobic? A Trans Woman Investigates  +
Is Obama Trying to Control the News with FCC Monitoring?  +
Is our children learning science? O, woe is Texas  +
Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  +
Is your job at risk from robot labor? Check this handy interactive  +
Isla Vista: the discussion we should be having.  +
Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic  +
Israel destroys aid projects in West Bank to make room for settlements  +
It's the Inequality, Stupid  +
It's time for a basic minimum income!  +
J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues  +
JK Rowling's Transphobia Wasn't Hard to Find, She Wrote a Book About It  +
JP Morgan Tells Investors Why Middle Class Americans Are Screwed  +
James Damore's shoddy defense  +
James Patrick Shillinglaw, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Jamestown, North Carolina  +
Jaywalkers take deadly risks  +
Jeremy Bertino, Proud Boy in Charlotte, North Carolina  +
Jeremy Scahill On U.S. Media Coverage Of Israel-Gaza Conflict: 'We've Hit All-Time Lows'  +
Jeremy Scahill on Paris Attacks, the al-Qaeda Link & the Secret U.S. War in Yemen  +
Jill Abramson and the Mainstreaming of Feminism in American Media  +
Jill Abramson and the wholly sexist narrative of the woman in power  +
Judge rules against researcher who lost job over transgender tweets  +
July 2022 elections in North Carolina, US  +
Just As The Islamic State (ISIL) Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A "Wag the Dog" Terrorist Attack in Paris?  +
Just an ordinary TERF talking about biology  +
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87  +
KKK imperial wizard: Neighborhood watch underway in Fairview Township  +
Kansas Governor Ensures His State Won't Expand Medicaid Anytime Soon  +
Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidate Goes Undercover And Finds A Broken Economy. Awesome!  +
Kentucky Democratic Congressional Candidate Goes Undercover And Finds A Broken Economy. Awesome!  +
Kenya opens its books in revolutionary transparency drive  +
Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape  +
Kiev to launch "full-scale" military op as massive protests grip eastern Ukraine  +
Kiev urges UN to hold joint 'anti-terrorist operation' in eastern Ukraine  +
Kline: Democrats spend too much, accomplish too little  +
Knoxville Shooter's Manifesto Made Public  +
Koch Bros. gave $500k to Heritage Action  +
Koch Brothers Received Millions In Obamacare Subsidies  +
Kushner Hires Hollywood PR Exec To Help Run White House Campaign To Privatize Government Functions  +
Lab personnel: Technically gifted  +
Lara Logan, I Tip My Smack-o-Matic 3000 to You  +
Latest Updates on Rage Over Anti-Islam Film  +
Lawyers: Stop us before we kill again.  +
Leaving Homeless Person On The Streets: $31,065. Giving Them Housing: $10,051.  +
Lebanon Just Did a Whole Lot More Than Legalize Being Gay  +
Let them eat bus transfers  +
Liberals Against Diversity  +
Libertarian Party Platform of 1972  +
Living Income  +
Lloyd's calls on insurers to take into account climate-change risk  +
Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden  +
Louisiana, United States  +
MO voter arrested for trying to vote  +
MSNBC's Sole Palestinian Voice Rula Jebreal Takes on Pro-Israeli Gov't Bias at Network & in US Media  +
Maddow: Obamacare "Armageddon" for Republicans in November Midterms (Video)  +
Majority Interim Report: Benghazi Investigation Update  +
Man charged in Kansas shooting once a prominent neo-Nazi in North Carolina  +
Mandan City Commission gives Wal-Mart $403,000 tax break  +
Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism.  +
Marital matters: Underage marriage [Nikkah] not un-Islamic: CII  +
May 2022 election in Pennsylvania  +
May 2022 election in West Virginia  +
May 2022 elections in Durham, NC  +
May, 2022 elections in Indiana, United States  +
May, 2022 elections in Michigan, United States  +
May, 2022 elections in Nebraska, United States  +
May, 2022 elections in North Carolina, United States  +
May, 2022 elections in Oregon, United States  +
May, 2022 elections in Watauga County, [[US/NC|North Carolina]], [[US|United States]]  +
May, 2022 elections in the United States  +
Mayor Will Announce Plan to Ban Unsanctioned Camping Across Portland and Build 500-Capacity Homeless "Campuses"  +
McCrory: Here are 3 things holding back North Carolina's startups  +
McDonald's Gave Me the "Girl's Toy" With My Happy Meal. So I Went to the CEO.  +
Meet The Predators  +
Memo to Potential Whistleblowers: If You See Something, Say Something  +
Mercury and autism: RFK Jr. drops another stinky one on the blogosphere  +
Message -- Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks  +
Miami Finds Itself Ankle-Deep in Climate Change Debate  +
Miami Will Be Underwater Before the Senate Acts on Climate Change  +
Michael Bloomberg: Universities becoming bastions of intolerance  +
Michigan Loses "Right To Farm" This Week: A Farewell To Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers  +
Michigan Woman Faces 93 Days in Jail for Planting a Vegetable Garden  +
Michigan, United States  +
Militiamen and Oath Keepers Drew Weapons, Threatened to Kill Each Other  +
Millennial generation is cause for liberal optimism  +
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight: Oil rig worker Mike McKay loses job after MH370 'fire in the sky' report  +
Missing Persons Report  +
Mississippi, United States  +

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