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Missouri, United States  +
Mitt Romney Backs A Minimum Wage Hike  +
Mitt Romney's epic incompetence  +
Mobility in Cities is About Space - Proven Powerfully in Pictures!  +
Monday, December 12, 2022 (#346)  +
Monday, December 5, 2022 (#339)  +
Monday, July 20, 2009 (#201)  +
Monday, November 14, 2022 (#318)  +
Monday, November 21, 2022 (#325)  +
Monday, November 28, 2022 (#332)  +
Monday, November 7, 2022 (#311)  +
Monday, October 31, 2022 (#304)  +
Money for Nothing  +
Much ado about transubstantiation  +
Multnomah County Seeing Spike In People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness  +
Murkowski: 'Fair is fair,' no Supreme Court confirmation before the inauguration. Who's joining her?  +
Muslim Scholars Demand International Blasphemy Laws  +
Muslims are terrorism victims, too  +
Muslims in Europe rally against extremist violence  +
My personal Wal-Mart nightmare: You won't believe what life is like working there  +
NASA chief touts deep space exploration: We can only survive if we are a multi-planet species  +
NASA seeks help to save Earth from killer asteroids  +
NATO's "Mystery Gunmen" Seek to Strengthen Kiev Regime's Hand  +
NY cops throw cold water on wild right-wing claims about 'Islamberg' terrorist training camp  +
NYT Investigation Offers Biased Reporting on Puberty Blocker Concerns  +
National Unconditional Living Income  +
Nebraska, United States  +
Net Neutrality. Get ready to pay more for the stuff you love online.  +
New Research Shows Wal-Mart Rigs the System to Skip Out on $2.3 Billion in State Taxes  +
New questions about makers of anti-Muslim film as shadowy details emerge  +
New study says Internet could be why Americans are losing their religion  +
News Corp shares fall as pressure grows  +
Newsflash: Pregnancy Is Hard But Anti-Choicers Refuse to Admit It  +
Newsweek's Climate Editorial Screed Violates Basic Standards of Journalism  +
Nine-month-old boy charged with attempted murder in Pakistan granted bail by judge  +
No mosque at Ground Zero  +
No, Meb Keflezighi Was Not the First American to Win the Boston Marathon Since 1983  +
No, the Google manifesto isn't sexist or anti-diversity. It's science  +
Nobel Prize economists call for end to war on drugs  +
North Carolina state government  +
North Carolina, United States  +
Not Taking Other People's Money  +
Not Your Tragic Queer Muslim Story  +
November 2020 elections in Durham, NC, US  +
November 2022 elections in Durham, NC  +
November 2022 elections in Florida  +
November 2022 elections in Michigan  +
November 2022 elections in Minnesota, US  +
November 2022 elections in North Carolina, US  +
November 2022 elections in Pennsylvania  +
Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us  +
Nut launches death threats at Debian women  +
O'Reilly: "War" on Christmas part of "secular progressive agenda" that includes "legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, gay marriage"  +
Obama Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch; Two Miracles In Less Than A Week  +
Obama Administration Will Let Veterans Seek Care At Private Hospitals  +
Obama calls for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor to be appointed by the election winner  +
Obama on Obama on Climate  +
Obama pushes Israel to stop assassinations of Iran nuclear scientists  +
Obama to Republicans: You're Right, Let's Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit  +
Obama's equal-pay myth is one thing. The GOP's chauvinism is a problem  +
Obamacare fails to collapse. Time to move on, folks.  +
Obamacare has led to health coverage for millions more people  +
Occupy Wall Street activist found guilty of assaulting police officer  +
October 5, 2021 City Council primary election in Durham, NC, US  +
October 5, 2021 Mayoral primary election in Durham, NC, US  +
October 5, 2021 election in Durham, NC, US  +
Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge  +
Offering a more progressive definition of freedom  +
Oklahoma electric utilities want higher rate for solar, wind energy producers  +
Oklahoma militia joins Bundy ranch defenders against feds  +
On Shelton: blogging to understand  +
On The Shoulders of Giants  +
One Courageous Democrat Stands Up and Calls For an Investigation into ALEC  +
One Year Later, Here's What San Jose Looks Like After Raising the Minimum Wage  +
One-third of California town's police force arrested for scheming cars from poor Hispanics  +
Only Stupid People Call People Stupid  +
Open Access Publisher Accepts Nonsense Manuscript for Dollars  +
Open Code = Closed Code?  +
Open letter of Ukrainian Jews to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.  +
Operation Coffeecup: Ronald Reagan's Effort to Prevent the Enactment of Medicare  +
Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion: The Health And Financial Impacts  +
Oregon, United States  +
Originalism: The Lesser Evil  +
Orson Scott Card: Mentor, Friend, Bigot  +
Other People's Money  +
Otherwise Intelligent People  +
Out in the Open: Inside the Operating System Edward Snowden Used to Evade the NSA  +
Out of Work, Out of Luck  +
Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil  +
Panel Orders Release of Memo in 2011 Targeted Killing of Awlaki  +
Patent reform stalls in Senate as legislation is pulled from agenda  +
Paul Ryan's First Tax Legislation Adds Nearly $100 Billion To Deficit  +
Pay Enough or Don't Pay at All  +
Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction  +
Pelosi won't rule out using impeachment as option to stop Trump Supreme Court pick  +
Phone hacking scandal could spell disaster for press freedom  +
Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia  +
Pictures at church troubling  +
Pilot drives 6,000 mi to protest TSA  +
Poll: Keep Obamacare, fix it, and shut up about it!  +
Poll: Most Americans see lingering racism -- in others  +
Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw on protests, trust and learning her new city  +
Portland Police Chief: Allegations Of Protest Favoritism 'Ridiculous'  +
Portland Police Declare a Riot After Right-Wing Marchers Begin Beating Antifascists with Flag Poles  +
Portland Police Saw Right-Wing Protesters as "Much More Mainstream" Than Leftist Ones  +
Portland police Capt. Mark Kruger's past discipline to be erased -- including for tribute to Nazi-era soldiers -- under city settlement  +
Portland's Patriot Prayer Rally Could Be Most Violent Since Charlottesville, Activists Say  +
Preacher Aligned with Portland-Area Far-Right Group Promises “Bloodshed” at Future Rallies  +
President of the United States of America  +
Presidential economics: Do parties matter?  +
Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It's Not a Democracy  +
Private equity, an infection that is eating the world  +
Problems and Strategies in Financing Voluntary Free Software Projects  +
Prominent Republican: Women Need To Be Paid Less So They Can Find Husbands  +
Prosecuting the victim, absolving the perpetrators  +
Protester Maimed by Portland Police: ‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’  +
Protesters Take Over Banks, K St.  +
Protesters clash with guards at Portland City Hall; 2 arrested  +
Protests Continue Against Neo-Confederates in North Carolina  +
Pseudonymous blogging at Science Blogs is over.  +
Rabidly pro-Trump fake news site Epoch Times may be engaging in astroturfing  +
Rachel Maddow Calls Out Fox News' 'Hilarious And Pitiful' Coverage  +
Racism by Political Party  +
Rand Paul declares presidential bid  +
Rand Paul says 40 times more Kentuckians have gotten health-insurance cancellation notices than signed up for Obamacare  +
Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge  +
Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports  +
Ray Massia Hewitt and Bobby Seale in Scandinavia  +
Re: VP8 and WebM--Thank you, Google! (P.S. Let's talk)  +
Real-Life Superheroes Offer Sex Workers Protection From the Long Island Serial Killer  +
Rebutting (Again!) the 9/11 Truthers  +
Remake of Tezuka's Popular Story Turns Into Denial?  +
Reply to critics of "Bait and switch: How the 'public option' was sold"  +
Report: Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave  +
Republicans Must Make A Choice About Obamacare: Repeal Or Relent  +
Republicans Want to Replace Obamacare With...Obamacare-Lite?  +
Republicans will replace RBG but Democrats hold the trump cards – no, really  +
Researcher defends tweets on trans rights at employment tribunal  +
Resource Exhaustibility: A Myth Refuted by Entrepreneurial Capital Maintenance  +
Retiring the A-10 Early Puts Troops' Lives at Risk  +
Retrogressive mindset: Abolition of Council of Islamic Ideology sought  +
Revealed: Conway, Bannon Members of Secretive Group  +
Richard Dawkins Claims Eugenics Works. He's Wrong.  +
Richard Dawkins Loves Evangelicals if They Hate Social Justice  +
Rick Scott bombs with this crowd of seniors on Obamacare  +
Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful  +
Right-Wing Portland Rally Declared Riot Amid Clashes With Antifa Protesters  +
Right-Wing Pundits Jumped To Blame Muslims And "Jihadists" For Norway Attacks  +
Right-wing radio host calls tea parties 'the Sarah Palin movement'  +
Rising Seas and Leadership as Senate Commerce Heads to Miami  +
Rootworm evolves to eat GM corn designed to kill it  +
Ross Douthat looks at gay marriage and wonders what's love got to do with it  +
Rush Limbaugh Freaks Out About Stephen Colbert Getting 'Late Show'  +
Rush Limbaugh lays down the law for Republican candidates  +
Russia Orders Bloggers To 'Register'; Outlaws Anonymous Blogging, Continues Clampdown On Social Media  +
Russia puts Ukraine far-right leader on international wanted list over calls for terrorism  +
Russia threatens to disrupt GPS navigation in fight over sanctions  +
Russian Patriarch Again Supports Blasphemy Laws  +
Russian forces in Ukraine could be a stabilizing factor in a country with no legitimate govt  +
Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign, tells victim's mother her child never existed  +
Saturday, December 3, 2022 (#337)  +
Saturday, November 12, 2022 (#316)  +
Saturday, November 19, 2022 (#323)  +
Saturday, November 26, 2022 (#330)  +
Saturday, November 5, 2022 (#309)  +
Saturday, October 29, 2022 (#302)  +
Saudi Arabia to lift driving ban on women  +
Schroedinger's Kingdom: the Scottish Political Singularity Explained  +
Science Is in the Details  +
Science or Spin?: Assessing the Accuracy of Cable News Coverage of Climate Science  +
Scientists Explain Why People Vote For Republicans  +
Scott Brown resigns from Florida firearm manufacturer  +
Sea Rise Threatens Oakland's Sewer System  +
Seattle Announces $15 Minimum Wage, Highest In The U.S.  +
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.  +
Secrets of the Vatican  +
Sen. John McCain Renews Push for Senate Committee to Halt WikiLeaks' Undermining of America  +
Senate Passes Bill to Expand Government's Spying Powers  +
Senate Votes to Reverse FCC Decision Allowing Media Consolidation  +
Senate clear fiscal cliff measure  +
Senator questions Council of Islamic Ideology  +
Seven Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense  +
Sex Change: Physically Impossible, Psychosocially Unhelpful, and Philosophically Misguided  +
Sex Is Not an 'Economy' and You Are Not Merchandise  +
Sex changes are not effective, say researchers  +
Sex redefined  +
Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences  +
Shame on you, Google  +
Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris  +
Shell's drill ship went aground running from taxes in Alaska  +
Sheriff's office called on Oregon state legislator for representing constituents while black  +
Shock new revelations about Mother Teresa  +
Should We End Capitalism? (Douglas Murray & Bret Weinstein)  +
Showing they want Democrats to fight GOP efforts to replace Ginsburg, donors inundate ActBlue  +
Sign the petition: Collect every cent deadbeat Cliven Bundy owes  +
Situation in Ukraine  +
Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Believe is Wrong  +
Six questions we should ask after Orlando  +
Snapshots of inequality  +
So much for the nation's falling stature  +
So, about this Googler’s manifesto.  +
Solar Power Is A Huge Water Saver (World Water Day Infographic)  +
Solar and Planetary Oscillation Control on Climate Change: Hind-cast, Forecast and a Comparison with the CMIP5 GCMs  +
Solar power in Ontario could produce almost as much power as all U.S. nuclear reactors, studies find  +
Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush's talking-points war  +
Somali farmers benefit from al-Shabab reforms  +
Somali traffic cops battle gridlock and chaos  +
Something rotten in the state of Norway  +
Sorry, Google memo man: women were in tech long before you  +
South Carolina, United States  +
Spain Is Going Orwellian Over Mean Twitter Comments  +
Spain restricting people's right to protest, Amnesty report finds  +
Special to The Los Angeles Times: Political Cartooning is Almost Worth Dying For  +
Statement from Director of the Bureau of Land Management Neil Kornze on the Cattle Gather in Nevada  +
Statement on GitLab  +
States with Weak Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Deaths  +
Statistical analysis rules out natural-warming hypothesis with more than 99 percent certainty  +
Steve Bannon in 2013: Joseph McCarthy was right in crusade against Communist infiltration  +
Student Holds Eucharist Hostage  +
Students upset they had to attend Ted Cruz's Liberty University event or face a fine  +
Study strengthens link between neonicotinoids and collapse of honey bee colonies  +
Stun guns drawn in recorded clash over NV cattle  +
Sub-lethal exposure to neonicotinoids impaired honey bees winterization before proceeding to colony collapse disorder  +
Sunday, December 11, 2022 (#345)  +
Sunday, December 23, 2007 (#357)  +
Sunday, December 4, 2022 (#338)  +
Sunday, November 20, 2022 (#324)  +
Sunday, November 27, 2022 (#331)  +
Sunday, November 6, 2022 (#310)  +
Sunday, October 30, 2022 (#303)  +
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of the 1%, Immediate Response in Palo Alto  +
Supreme Court ruling on Transgender rights  +
Surreal scenes from SCOTUS as Ruth Bader Ginsburg arrives for the last time  +
Survey Estimates Net Gain of 9.3 Million American Adults with Health Insurance  +
Suspect In Custody For Norwegian Terror Attacks Allegedly An Anti-Islam Right-Wing Extremist  +
Switzerland Votes on World's Highest Minimum Wage  +
Symposium: How to understand Hobby Lobby  +
Syria Not Guilty: New Evidence from the Ghouta Sarin Gas Attack  +
Take A Look At This Picture, According To The State Of New Jersey, This Is OK.  +
Tamed! How A Declawed, Defanged Aslan will End Our Species and Our Souls  +
Taxing The Poor: The Only Tax Increase Republicans Support  +
Tech-fueled inequality offers two paths for humanity – "digital Athens" or bleak dystopia  +
Technology and the Distribution of Wealth  +
Tennessee State Senator Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust  +
Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic  +
Texas, United States  +
Thanks for nothing, jerkface  +

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