Psychoactive drugs

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Many consider the use of any and all Psychoactive Drugs (also known as "psychoactives" and "controlled substances") to be immoral. Others believe certain psychoactives have benefits which outweigh their detrimental effects, and that the detrimental effects have been greatly exaggerated for reasons which remain unclear. It also seems likely that certain legal substances, such as coffee and tobacco, are more harmful than some illegal substances, such as cannabis.



  • EROWID: documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives



  • 2006-05-08 Drug Sanity South of the Border by Margaret Dooley, AlterNet: "Mexico has the right idea in its attempt to decriminalize possession of small amounts of some drugs."
  • 2006-04-26 FDA Plays Politics with Pot by Michelle Chen, The NewStandard
  • 2005-12-04 Cannabis Almost Doubles Risk Of Fatal Crashes
  • 2005-11-23:
    • Good Drugs by Annalee Newitz, AlterNet: "Researchers discovered that chemicals from marijuana rejuvenate an area of the brain linked with learning."
    • reader comment in (response to Branfman article): "Among other things, the study concluded that, statistically speaking, drivers with marijuana in their bloodstream (and no alcohol or other drugs) had a slightly lower risk of causing highway fatalities than sober drivers." Does anyone know where to find this report? (cf. the 2005-12-04 link above, especially)