Recreational abortion

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The phrase recreational abortion appears to refer to abortion necessitated by becoming pregnant from recreational copulation, especially where such pregnancies (and abortions) are done repeatedly because contraceptions are not used. As a political myth, it is essentially the same as the claim that women use abortion as birth-controlA.

This does not appear to be a real phenomenon. Despite repeated references to its existence, we have never seen any statistics cited, much less sources. Given this, it appears to be nothing more than a troll phrase, since it offers only shaming and no actual solutions to a problem which doesn't seem to exist while drawing attention away from genuine solutions such as proper sex education, raising educational levels in general, and empowering women to make their own decisions via legal equality (reducing gender inequity).

It should be noted that when sex education is lacking (or abstinence-based, which is essentially the same thing) women may not be aware of the contraceptives available to them, or even how to avoid pregnancy when in intimate situations. Some communities also place restrictions on contraceptive availability, decreasing the chances that adequate contraception will be used during sex and therefore increasing the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Inadequate sex education and lack of contraceptive access contribute to the problem in general, and are likely responsible for isolated cases of repeated medically-unnecessary abortions.



  • Action Canada: a pretty good list, with well-written explanations
    • MYTH: People use abortion as a means of birth control / people won’t bother with contraception if abortion is easily available.
    • MYTH: People have abortions for frivolous reasons.
  • Bronx Abortion
    • Myth: Women use abortion as a method of birth control.
    • MYTH: Women have abortions for selfish or frivolous reasons.

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