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Richard Dawkins is a prominent English scientist and atheist. He is the originator of the term meme.

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  • 2006-10-13 The flying spaghetti monster: "In a heated interview, the famous biologist insists that religion is evil and God might as well be a children's fantasy."
  • 2005-04-30 The atheist: "Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explains why God is a delusion, religion is a virus, and America has slipped back into the Dark Ages."


  • "Root of All Evil?" (title listed as The God Delusion, but that's probably just to get more hits; it actually predates TGD): UK Channel 4 documentary, filmed in Colorado Springs and Israel, showing the innate destructiveness of religion and contrasting with science
    • Part 1
    • Part 2: discusses religion as a virus infecting the young
Dawkins said, of the title "Root of All Evil?":

From the start, I didn't like the title. Religion is not the root of all evil, for no one thing is the root of all anything. But I was delighted with the advertisement that Channel Four put in the national newspapers. It was a picture of the Manhattan skyline with the caption "Imagine a world without religion." What was the connection? The twin towers of the World Trade Center were conspicuously present.

from "The God Delusion", page 1