Science and Environmental Policy Project

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The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) is a United States organization advocating global warming skepticism and opposing environmental regulation such as the ban on CFCs.

It was founded by S. Fred Singer in 1990.


From 2009-12-16 Who are the climate change skeptics:

There are nine people listed on SEPP's board of science advisors, of which five are dead (Gerholm, Higatsberger, Mitchell, Nierenberg, and Starr). Ames is a well-known scientist in his field, molecular genetics, which has nothing to do with climate change. The others with the most citations are elderly or dead physicists (Starr, 1935 physics Ph.D.; Böttcher, 1947 physics Ph.D.; and Mitchell, 1951 physics Ph.D.). The rest have only single-digit citations to their fourth-most-cited paper.