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Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a pseudo-Buddhist cult operating in several countries.


Transcribed from private chat with permission:

This is your reminder that not all cults murder. cough SGI cough cough It is a supposedly Buddhist sect that supported the Iraq war via its political party and only a small minority of the members actually protested it. Not the org just members.

In Belgium and France it is listed as a cult. And this is for good reason. They can be described as the prosperity gospel of Buddhism. If something goes wrong you aren't chanting enough and not recruiting enough people. If something good happens it's because you chanted. It cares about victories which is the opposite of Buddhist teachings.

Then there is how the SGI treats their honorary president Daisaka Ikeda like a god. He is the Sensei or teacher even though he doesn't know the majority of the members. It's encouraged to have a connection with him. Idolizing a person like this is once again the opposite of Buddhism.

So this is a warning to future people that hear someone telling you to chant "Nam myoho renge kyo" that that phrase is being said to you in an attempt to convert you. Please do not fall for it.

—TaitenRose, 2019-09-04