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  • ...relates to his labeling of the Democratic party in general and the [[110th US Congress]] in particular (especially Nancy Pelosi) as dishonorable elitist ...inous bastards, his goal may be less about making a real point about the [[US invasion of Iraq|Iraq war]] and more about trying to hurt the Democrats. Th
    10 KB (1,686 words) - 22:18, 15 August 2010
  • of art. Right-wingers, at their ''least'' harmful, tend to be fond of military parades and other demonstrations of strict obedience, loyalty, and control. ...s essentially synonymous with [[Americonservatism|conservatism]] and the [[US Republican Party|Republican Party]]
    3 KB (422 words) - 15:11, 7 October 2020
  • ...was substantial [[9-11/warnings|foreknowledge]] of the attack outside the US government, including knowledge of the particular airlines which were to be a very likely threat, and rebuffed efforts by at least one high-ranking military official to warn him
    4 KB (552 words) - 14:16, 20 March 2013
  • ...roduct. This concern apparently trumped both safety and efficiency, so the US put all their development resources into uranium and plutonium-fueled nucle ...f fissile plutonium and uranium-233. While it didn't have the power the US military was expecting, the test demonstrated definitively that if very pure uranium
    5 KB (796 words) - 19:46, 5 October 2014
  • citizens were prohibited from flying. Bush then rallied support for a [[US-Iraq War|retaliatory war]] against a country which had had nothing whatsoev ** Contracting company Parsons was paid $72 million (with US taxpayer money) by the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq to design an
    17 KB (2,712 words) - 16:42, 30 May 2013
  • * Any force powerful enough to overcome the US, arguably "the world's only remaining superpower", is powerful enough to ov ...over from within by forces inimical to the idea of civilization, then the US itself could become a threat.
    8 KB (1,245 words) - 01:16, 25 August 2010
  • ...2/the_great_iraq_swindle/3 page 3], discussing the [[US occupation of Iraq|US "reconstruction" of Iraq]]}} In perhaps the ultimate example of military capitalism, KBR reportedly ran convoys of empty trucks back and forth acros
    4 KB (605 words) - 21:31, 25 May 2009
  • * The founding fathers had a design goal with regard to US government. * The expression of that design goal is primarily in the form of the [[US Constitution|Constitution]]. (Supplementary documentation includes the Decl
    5 KB (731 words) - 19:04, 8 November 2020
  • * [[42nd US Presidential administration]] ...g Osama bin Laden), in retaliation for bombings (masterminded by Osama) of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania which killed 224 people (including 12 Ameri
    8 KB (1,256 words) - 13:05, 18 October 2014
  • <let name=data index=Topics>\Barack Obama\potential US attack on Iran\false flag\translations\translations/German</let> ...ody who is of sound mind and body doubts that the US has their [[potential US attack on Iran|armed robbery of Iran]] completely planned through and the d
    11 KB (1,929 words) - 18:45, 1 December 2012
  • ...romoting acts of appeasement to the global terrorists now in charge of the US government. ([[Conservative]]s like to accuse [[liberal]]s of favoring "app ...incentives for renewable energy and conservation efforts. .. [[Republican (US)|Republican]] opponents said the legislation ignored the need to produce mo
    8 KB (1,232 words) - 00:39, 10 June 2013
  • <let name=data index=Source>US Department of Homeland Security</let> <let name=data index=Text>This is a leaked US government document which was not supposed to be shown to the general publi
    6 KB (862 words) - 18:52, 1 December 2012
  • ...r Editor [[Jonathan Alter]] showed a healthy dose of skepticism for [[2000 US presidential race|presidential]] front-runners at talk at [[Phillips Academ ...stated Sen. McCain opposed putting money for breast cancer research into a military spending measure. Sen. McCain ultimately dropped out of the race for the Re
    3 KB (564 words) - 14:30, 29 June 2009
  • [[Neoconservatism]] is a [[political philosophy]] which uses [[US conservatism)|conservatism]] as a [[puppet ideology|cover]] for power-orien ...epublican revolution of 1994]] &ndash; against the election of [[Democrat (US)|Democrat]]ic President [[Bill Clinton]]. They spent the remainder of Clint
    13 KB (1,866 words) - 20:11, 9 November 2019
  • of the most vigorous exponents of the [[unitary executive]] theory of US presidential power. ...under President [[George H.W. Bush]], during which time he directed the [[US invasion of Panama]] and [[Operation Desert Storm]].
    7 KB (957 words) - 00:15, 13 January 2010
  • [[category:US]][[category:portals]]This page is a portal for articles and information abo ** [[US Presidential administration budgets]]
    9 KB (1,382 words) - 02:46, 1 March 2009
  • [[thing type::military occupation]] {{nav/US-Iraq}}
    29 KB (4,546 words) - 00:40, 10 June 2013
  • * [ these colors]... not so much "run" as "fad * found 2006-08-15: [ The Department of Homeland Stupidity]
    13 KB (1,857 words) - 22:51, 30 December 2012
  • The following text is part of the [[Military Commissions Act of 2006]] and is the new Chapter 47A to be inserted into Su ===CHAPTER 47A--MILITARY COMMISSIONS===
    95 KB (14,649 words) - 00:37, 2 December 2009
  • ...come tax|income tax]]... or was the tax a fraud being perpetrated by the [[US government|American government]]." ...president... coalition of bankers staged a coup d'etat by taking over the US government; income tax eventally winds up in their pockets.
    11 KB (1,854 words) - 20:09, 8 April 2010

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