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  • [[category:personal definitions]] "collective" and "means of production" mean because those are their own definitions.)
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  • [[category:personal definitions]] Such evaluation does tend to lead to systems which may place upper limits on personal power, across the board, in favor of minimizing individual disempowerment a
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  • [[category:personal definitions]]
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  • ...radict each other on key points (e.g. omniscience, omnipotence, "living", "personal"), and yet they all act as if they are talking about the same thing when th
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  • ...the views of the parties or sects in question are not described, so those definitions are of little use in this discussion.</ref>, here is what the dictionary sa * The first three definitions from []:
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  • More specific definitions: based around interrelationships that usually do not involve ''direct'' personal interactions between producers and consumers. Supply and demand is mediated
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  • [[category:working definitions]][[category:religion]][[Einsteinian religion]] is a term used by [[Richard ...tions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If somethin
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  • ...hat neoconservatives actually have an ideology beyond the acquisition of [[personal power]], it appears to be based in the [[Leo Strauss|Straussian]] school of ...]; but were unable to uncover anything worse than [[Clinton's bad behavior|personal indiscretion]], and obtained no convictions despite many millions of dollar
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  • ...ions (marriage, church, the workplace), while liberals are more focused on personal empathy Possibly Haidt is simply using excessively narrow definitions of the last three "pillars"; some exploration of the questions Haidt uses f
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  • : Republicans are all about "[[personal responsibility]]". (At least 2 examples in Obamacare Myths) :* stiff penalties for personal use of certain drugs (a victimless crime)
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  • [[category:working definitions]] ...that morality ''only'' exists relative to social, cultural, historical or personal references.
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  • ...y were in agreement all along? Small differences in nomenclature&mdash;in definitions or logic&mdash;can make apparent bitter foes out of folk who might have bee ...have been operating in only one dimension. Let's see if, by using careful definitions, we can improve matters by <i>adding a second dimension</i> to the landsca
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  • ...great idea. The first two [ definitions of "conservative" at] are useful here: "A conservative typically adheres to principles of [[personal responsibility]], moral values, and [[limited government]]."
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  • * 948a. Definitions. =====Sec. 948a. Definitions=====
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  • ..."[[faith]]" or "belief system", but is more socially defined than that of personal convictions." In other words, a "religion" is a type of "faith" that includ ==Definitions==
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  • ...ions (marriage, church, the workplace), while liberals are more focused on personal empathy ...he arrive at them, and (3) why did he choose to exclude any other possible definitions (such as those used by liberals)?
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  • ...:// - the irony is deep... * Denialism tropes: "Politics is nothing more than personal opinion." "I don't trust anything on the internet." "You can use facts to p
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  • ** I am not a fan of personal weaponry. As our land fills up and fewer people live in rural or wild areas ...worse (e.g. the [[war on drugs]]); (3) I dislike the principle of banning personal ownership of any class of goods. This is something where it makes much more
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  • ...onomy, and encourages savings and investment. A code that provides several definitions of a child is a code that needs to be reformed. choice to design their own workforce training programs. The President's Personal Reemployment Accounts would provide unemployed workers flexible support and
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  • - presumably the cited items have definitions of [[free will]] in them, somewhere? - back in February, Trump ignored warnings about the US
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