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from Simon

(anonymous user

This comment was posted to friends as an email and summarizes a large body of scientific knowledge on nutrition in a concise format. Some of it remains fringe science for which I make no apology. I just heard the interview with Gerson and her son. That is 100% what I am about. It is why Obama's health care is seriously flawed because the research is driven by fertilizer, pesticide, and pharmaceutical industries. Now, back to the positive. How do we get the message out? People's attention span is very short - too much media. People have lost ability to think critically.

The coop, the farmers I work with, the food trainer who supplies groceries at $10,000 a week for FSU football players, and the community garden are all ways that I am trying, but it often seems like I am just spitting in the ocean. Let's take a real time example: I will try to explain what is really happening with nutrition. Tell me if you get it. By using leaf mulch, compost, and compost tea an organic soil is built up with healthy microorganisms. This is just the beginning. Next - rock dust, rhyolite, basalt, or granite - to name a few - must be added to bring the health of the plant up to snuff. Insect pests are good guys. They see in the infrared. A plant may look healthy, but not be radiant. A radiant plant discourages insect predation. An unhealthy plant gets eaten by insects.

Now we get to the fun stuff. 5% of matter is what you see around you. 70% is dark energy and 25% is dark matter. We never see these parts of our universe, but spend multi-billions on the Large Hadron Collider and you might find a Higgs boson and some of evidence of these other parts of the universe. Meanwhile soil microorganisms - fungi and bacteria - the magnetite in your brain - 7 billion crystals, are all quietly doing what they are supposed to do. They do alchemy. They change one element into another to bring soil chemistry and body chemistry into balance. If something is deficient, they make it from dark energy and dark matter. Frank Wilczek won the Nobel Prize for a type of physics called QCD - Quantum Chromodynamic theory. He shows how the weak interaction can transform elements, but say that soil microorganisms can do it, and you get certified as loony. Get trace minerals into your diet, and nature will solve the rest.

Now here is the real problem. I just explained the basics to you, the answer after the end of calculus and lots of experiments. Did you get it? I kept it short. Was your attention span able to stay with me, using this condensed version? I remember when I first met you in Setauket. You were spiritual and very bright. You found Jesus and EST, but somewhere in the process alcohol, and then tobacco got your ass. Do you have close friends there? My friends remain close, until their short attention span gets distracted, and then I have to find new friends or become lonely and frustrated. True, I can go out into nature, and Jesus gets more real the more I get isolated - but we all need consistent friendships and community to keep the fight going.

Happy New Year

Woozle notes

It's not clear who this was written to ("You found Jesus and EST")... Simon says it was originally distributed as an email. --Woozle 22:37, 1 January 2010 (UTC)