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This page is for listing known think-tank organizations.



  • Brookings Institution [W]: "Brookings describes itself as independent and non-partisan. A 2011 study examining think tank employee donations from 2003 to 2010 showed that 97.6% of Brookings's employees' political donations went to Democrats and described the think tank as "liberal." Yet, a 2005 academic study concluded it was centrist in that it was referenced as an authority almost equally by both conservative and liberal politicians in congressional records from 1993 to 2002."
  • New America Foundation [W]: "public policy institute and think tank focusing on a wide range of issues, including national security studies, technology, asset building, health, energy, education, and the economy" Chair of Board of Directors is Google's Eric Schmidt.[1][2]



see conservatism/US/org

Free-Market / Libertarian

see libertarianism/American/organizations


  • Rockridge Institute [W]: think tank founded in 1997 and located in Berkeley, California from 2003 until April 30, 2008; "non-profit research and progressive" according to Wikipedia, but "non-profit, non-partisan" and progressive according to at least one editorial



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