Threats to civilization

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This page is for identifying and discussing issues which threaten to destroy civilization if not countered.

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Imminent Threats

global issues

United States

To the extent that civilization within the United States is itself threatened, that represents a threat to the world at large for the following reasons:

  • Any force powerful enough to overcome the US, arguably "the world's only remaining superpower", is powerful enough to overcome any other country or alliance on Earth
  • If the United States is taken over from within by forces inimical to the idea of civilization, then the US itself could become a threat.

Current threats to civilization within the US include:

Tools of Destruction

Some of the tools via which the various threats are being propagated:

  • terrorism provides a distraction by which democratic citizens can be fooled into unnecessarily trading their freedoms for apparent safety
  • religion is often used as a tool for spreading attitudes harmful to a free civilization:
    • discourages individual initiative
    • squelches scientific investigation, especially in the biological and environmental sciences
    • centralizes authority outside of the rule of law and beyond the reach of rational discussion
    • encourages dogmatic thinking at the expense of rationality