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Advocacy for transmisia takes a variety of forms. As overt religious arguments lost traction over the late 2010s (having lost most of their credibility during their war on gay people), people holding those views have found more subtle ways to lend their ideas plausibility.

There are also a growing number of self-identified feminists who have apparently become convinced by various propaganda that trans people represent a threat to women's safety. Since these people do not represent the majority of feminists (or even the majority of cis women), they have become referred to as "trans-exclusionary radical feminists" or "TERFs". The TERF branch of transmisia advocacy represents a growing political force in the UK, where trans rights have been well established for some time but legal improvements and updates are needed in order to accommodate improved understanding.


  • TERF ideology heavily promotes transmisia, whether accidentally or not
  • UK/transmisia: transmisia in the UK


A list of people who promote transmisia, whether accidentally (via being honestly taken in by misinformation) or deliberately: