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Prior to the police beating, Tessa privately reported[1] a human-killing cougar. Tessa believes the cougar is carrying kittens and is blind, and therefore likely to attack absolutely anything and needs to be approached with caution. Tessa was in the process of trying to get together a team to handle the cougar safely and humanely when the police reportedly took exception to these actions and attacked Tessa without any apparent provocation.

Tessa later described their encounter with the cougar, and then the police, thusly[2]:

I woke up around 0320ish to the sounds and sensations of [" a large feline] (obligatory “...sure looks like a puma...”) attempting to enter my (open front) tent. The sheer boldness and audacity of it kinda set me back on my heels, and it took me a minute to realize what was going on, to be perfectly honest.

I politely asked it to leave (using body language and some techniques I learned from Sensei Ogle), and it did, heading down towards where I had been getting my water.

That was when I decided to talk to people in town (once things got light enough that I wasn't worried about getting stalked and eaten) and re-emphasize that the biker who died in Washington was not an isolated incident.


I arrived in town to discover that a search and rescue operation was underway for two lost fisherpersons. There was "Police Line, Do Not Cross" yellow tape everywhere, and despite staying out of the areas designated (and being explicit about how I was staying out, and not just out but outside arm's reach of the flimsy barrier), Ramseyer harassed me for a bit, so I moved across the street and asked the comms team if "anyone groks linux", because I was hoping I could communicate the danger of beating around in the brush with a (still probably quite hungry feline apex predator) bedded down inside their search radius.

Someone (maybe Dave Zahn? I was busy trying to save lives, so I wasn’t taking notes...) said I was disturbing "the search efforts" and demanded multiple times that I leave town, doubling down on Ramseyer's unlawful requests of the previous days.

I informed the officer that I would be going to speak to my friend before leaving town, and was threatened and told I was disturbing the comms team, so after a minute or two, I moved around the officer and headed towards the Cedars Restaurant.


I spoke with the bartender at Cedars, and then went to the post office, where I talked briefly with Jessie, showed her my ID (I'd previously spoken to her about getting a post office box, but had left my passport up in camp that day, so I didn’t have the necessary two forms of ID...), and then mentioned that if law enforcement had questions, please give them my regards, as I’m a pacifist gardener just volunteering around to try to help out.

When I walked out of the building, Ramseyer came directly at me, and that’s where the video taken by KGW News Channel 8 begins.


  1. 2018-06-04 10:43 ET Tessa, Discord direct message to Woozle:

    I need to get you up to speed on a VERY delicate situation.
    There's a human-killing mountain lion up here, and I need help because it's targeting the people of Detroit. I tracked it last night, and we...bumped noses, so to speak.
    I need help.
    I need people here. Physically.
    As many people as you know.
    I need them to come and help me, at the fire department, at noon every day.
    I don't care how long it takes, that's...the next step.
    I need a minimum of 83 people to make this happen without a fifth human death, and I only was able to recruit sixteen so far.
    I know. Please tell the group, get them talking about ways to get more volunteers. I need ideas, no matter how crazy, to get local people involved, because they are...complacent. They think it's just going to pass by.
    This kitty is named Ragnorak by my people. And SHE is blind. And carrying kits.
    It's...woozle it's really bad.
    I think it's going to try to take a child next
    She's hungry as fuck because the loud people drove off all the game, and she's...not going to leave this late in pregnancy. She's going to kill everyone, that's why we call her Ragnorak.
    All it takes is one frat party losing a couple of people to turn this into a powder keg of anger and revenge.

  2. 2018-06-11 When Law Enforcement Isn’t 2: Electric Boogaloo (aka Derrick Ramseyer’s Brutality)