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ALTP = alt-Right dominated Politics group | PEJ = my Politics, Ethics & Justice group

Any quotes on this page were copied with the permission of their respective authors (and thus not in violation of Nextdoor's Terms of Service).

Removed Posts

Removed Comments

  • 2021-10-06 this comment on this post led to the following snarkfest, with the crossed-out words indicating a comment apparently removed (without notice or explanation) by the moderator:
    • Jane: Rafael Cruz pivots during a news conference from offering thoughts and prayers for the latest school shooting to saying, "we are here today because of the Biden border crisis."
      • Woozle: 'We are here because of the border crisis -- people have stopped talking about it because it doesn't exist, and we need to fix that!'
      • Jane: “I have but these few moments to exploit this opportunity in the national spotlight.”
      • Woozle: Won't someone think of the poor neglected right-wing narratives? Handicapped by the mere mischance of not being "true", they have to fight so hard to survive against the ceaseless onslaught of progressive "fact-checking"! This insistence on criticizing words simply for being baldfaced lies and nothing more is discriminatory and unfair!!
      • Jane: “Never get between a politician and a television camera.” -Jim Coman, former director nc state bureau of investigation, personal communication circa 1999.


  • Deleted posts by Meg C.: "Posts and comments seem to be disappearing. Can anyone tell me why this was removed? Thanks-"