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It is the coolest site, keep so!
It is the coolest site, keep so!
==2008-05-?? Woozle to Ostrich==
Great work, webmaster, nice design!
...it seems clear that the FedGov needs an IT department. Once upon a time, the [[Office of Technology Assessment]] might have overseen that service, or helped to create it; the Republican 104th Congress, in their God-given wisdom, dissolved it in 1995, apparently figuring that technological progress would soon be slowing due to their efforts to handicap a generation of future scientists by teaching creationism in the public schools.
The FedGov needs an IT department to help it up out of the 1960s, and we need the OTA back.
==2008-05-02 07:46 Ostrich to Woozle==
==2008-05-02 07:46 Ostrich to Woozle==

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