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  • 2016-12: To Build a Better Ballot "an interactive guide to alternative voting systems"
  • 1996: Declared-Strategy Voting: An Instrument for Group Decision-Making by Lorrie Faith Cranor
    • Voting Systems Overview
      • Vote Aggregation Methods does not seem to mention range voting, although the author essentially uses range voting to assess voter preferences in the 1992 case study: "The respondents were asked to rate each of the main candidates in the US Presidential race on a "feeling thermometer" scale that ranged from 0 to 100 -- the higher the number, the more favorable the respondent's feeling toward that candidate." The case for DSV seems based on the idea that voters will always adjust their vote based on how they think other people will vote -- but with range voting, such adjustment is either unnecessary or greatly reduced. So how is DSV superior to range voting?