War against the internet

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As the internet has entered the general public awareness and people have begun to depend upon it as a means of communication, and to depend less upon the traditional news sources, powermongers have slowly come to realize the tremendous threat potential it has for them. No longer can they succeed in suppressing stories by top-down control of the media; on the internet, any individual can ultimately spread the word to as many people as necessary.




  • PeaceFire is a dual-purposed site:
    • shows how site-blocking software "for the protection of children" is subject to abuse as a device for censorship
    • provides practical tips for circumventing such software
  • Megaphone desktop tool allows individual users to "slave" their voting and posting to a central server, so that votes and posts are made on their behalf without exposing the users to the actual arguments under discussion. While participation is entirely voluntary, use of this tool (especially given that it does not offer users the choice of whether to take action in each case, much less which action to take) violates the "citizen participation" spirit of the internet.

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