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http://www.godhatesfags.com BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!
[[category:organizations]][[Westboro Baptist Church]] is a religious [[extremist]] organization supposedly espousing [[Christian]] principles. Their pastor is Fred Phelps; they are based in Topeka, Kansas.
On one [[2005-08-31 Hannity blamed "anti-war left" for protest at soldier's funeral actually organized by anti-gay church|occasion]], WBC protesters at a soldier's funeral were mistaken by [[neoconservative]] [[Fox News]] commentator [[Sean Hannity]] as being members of the "anti-war left".
http://louisianadeservedhurricanegustavbecauseitsfullofniggersandrednecks.on.nimp.org 2nd BEST SITE
* {{wikipedia}}
* {{conservapedia}}: not even [[Conservapedia]] has anything positive to say about them
* {{dkosopedia}}
* <s>{{sourcewatch}}</s> no equivalent article (as of 2008-03-13)[[category:!sourcewatch]]
* [http://www.godhatesfags.com/ God Hates Fags] (Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS)
** [http://www.godhatesamerica.com/ God Hates America]: Westboro Baptist Church commentary on the {{USA}}: "We will boldly stay on message: God hates the USA and America is doomed."
** music video: [http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=720_1179383603 God Hates the World] (set to the tune of "[[wikipedia:We Are the World|We Are the World]]") may explain some of the thinking behind WBC's bizarre philosophy.
===Filed Links===
* '''serious response sites''':
** [http://godlovesfags.com/blog/ God Loves Fags] (blog)
* '''humor''':
** [http://godhatesfigs.com/ God Hates Figs]: proving by Biblical quotation that the fig is truly a damned fruit
** [http://godhatesshrimp.com/ God Hates Shrimp]: the heathen liberal epicurean elite are destroying the sanctity of our nation's seafood restaurants

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