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Hillary Clinton is perhaps best known for being the wife of former president Bill Clinton, although she became a US Senator in 2000.
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Conservatives generally hate her; why is this?



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  • 2014-05-04 [L..T] [[2014/05/04/Fox panel imagines Hillary Clinton assassination, then uses it to attack her for Benghazi|]]
  • 2014-05-13 [L..T] [[2014/05/13/Karl Rove says he thinks Hillary Clinton might have brain damage|]] "Fox News commentator Karl Rove said to a conference in California earlier this month that he suspects that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is brain-damaged from a fall and concussion she suffered in 2012."
  • 2015-04-12 [L..T] Hillary Clinton: I'm running for president "Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she was running for president of the United States, promising to be a champion of middle-class Americans if she made it to the White House as the country’s first female commander in chief."

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