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Henry Waxman has been the Democratic representative from California's 30th congressional district since 1975. With the commencement of the 110th US Congress, he became chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the principal investigative committee of the House.

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  • 2007-10-27 Keeping watch on Bush: "For months, Democrat congressman Henry Waxman has been threatening, subpoenaing and just plain badgering Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to come before his House Oversight Committee to answer questions about the run-up to the Iraq war, corruption and State Department contracting. .. On Thursday she finally appeared. But Mr Waxman has not spent the week on a victory lap. He has found time to produce evidence accusing State Department security contractor Blackwater USA of tax evasion, to fire off a letter to Dr Rice demanding information about alleged mismanagement of a $1 billion contract to train Iraqi police, and to hold a hearing on uranium poisoning on Navajo land."