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This is where items from the front page "Did You Know?" section are kept. Everything except the current piece is marked off as "noinclude".


My Lai

Hugh Thompson, Jr., a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War who is credited with stopping the My Lai Massacre, was shunned for years by fellow soldiers, received death threats, and was once told by a congressman that he was the only American who should be punished over the massacre? [W] [1]

taken down 2009-11-19

Great Corporate Firewall of America

posted 2009-11-19

...that at least 24.1% of the United States*, including most of most of Washington DC, is behind walls of unofficial, unaccountable censorship rather like the so-called Great Firewall of China? (*Verizon 8.8%, Comcast 15.3%) Update: In 2010, a federal appeals court ruled that this is ok.