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Skepticism is the practice of carefully examining new information for any hints that it may be untrue, and of explicitly calling attention to any inconsistencies found.

Skepticism is a necessary complement to an open mind; without it, one may end up believing many things that are either nonsensical or untrue.


In general, skeptical examination checks for both internal consistency (does the information make sense logically?) and external consistency (is the information consistent with other information believed to be true?). Information which passes these checks may, with sufficient verification, become part of one's rational beliefs.

Skepticism is essentially a "rationality filter", which only lets through information that fits into a rational framework. Information which fails consistency checks may be placeable within the framework if additional context is added, e.g. "X believes [information], even though it makes no sense"; it's not as if such information is necessarily "filtered out" completely and ignored – it just doesn't become part of one's beliefs (the "trusted" part of the framework).

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