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9/11: conclusions


Based on the information so far gathered, Issuepedia has reached the following conclusions (subject to revision if contradictory evidence comes to light).

  • WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 were destroyed by controlled demolition, not fire or impact damage.
  • There was systematic illegal destruction of the evidence which could have resolved the vast majority of the questions which have fueled the controversy from its beginning, including erasure of critical audio recordings
  • There was a systematic disinformation campaign planting "red herring" objections in the media and on the internet for the purpose of discrediting those questioning the official account; the mainstream media happily fell for these red herrings in their debunking efforts and largely failed to address any of the more substantial objections
  • There was substantial foreknowledge of the attack outside the US government, including knowledge of the particular airlines which were to be involved
  • President Bush was well aware that an attack on the twin towers was a very likely threat, and rebuffed efforts by at least one high-ranking military official to warn him
  • The usual preventative measures by which such an event would normally be prevented were systematically hobbled and handicapped:
    • Pilots no longer allowed to carry firearms
    • Interceptions of civilian aircraft had to go through Rumsfeld instead of being decided by the ranking officer on duty
    • Several different "war games" were scheduled for that day, taking most of the interception force far away and leaving the others confused about what was real and what was part of the game (especially since one of the "games" included a scenario uncannily matching the actual event)
  • One of the planes (AA77, crashed into Pentagon) was almost certainly under remote guidance, due to the lack of a pilot with sufficient skill to execute the maneuver witnessed just before impact and the known existence of remote guidance equipment pre-installed on some planes of that model
  • The hijackers were not devout Muslims; some of those whose names and photos were given as being hijackers turned up alive after the event; others listed may not even have been on board the planes, as no evidence has been produced explaining why anyone thinks they were.

Circumstantial Evidence

There is considerable circumstantial evidence for the following, but nothing definite:

  • direct involvement by high-level Bush administration officials, most notably Bush himself, but as yet no smoking gun
  • the hijackers may have been unaware of the actual plan