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[[category:troll phrases]][[category:adages]][[Blake's Law]] is an [[adage]] or conversational guideline which suggests that anyone who states or implies that [[active atheism|vocal]] [[atheist]]s are similar to [[religious fundamentalist]]s should be considered to have lost the argument, as this claim and its entire family – including any claim that [[atheism is a religion]] (or is ''like'' a religion, or is ''no better than'' religion) – has been soundly refuted every time it has been thoroughly discussed.
For this reason, "[[fundamentalist atheism]]", "[[atheist fundamentalism]]", and variations should be considered [[troll phrase]]s.
It was first proposed (namelessly) by [[Blake Stacey]] in a [http://www.sunclipse.org/?p=18 blog post] on 2007-04-07, partly inspired by [[Godwin's Law]] which imposes the same penalty for comparisons to [[Adolf Hitler|Hitler]]; biologist [[PZ Myers]] named it "Blake's Law" in a [http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/07/oops_someone_needs_a_lesson_in.php post] on his well-known blog [[Pharyngula]] on 2007-07-16.

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