Build Back Better Plan

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Here are the items which would likely be cut if the full package is not approved (from MoveOn):

  • Expanded pre-K, which would give all kids, no matter their race or financial status, the best start to their education.
  • Medicaid coverage of dental, vision, and hearing – filling a critical gap that disproportionately impacts low-income communities.
  • Free community college – which would give millions of students in underserved communities the chance to access higher education and find good-paying jobs for their futures.
  • Lowered drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices – a change that could finally stop profit-driven drug companies from price gouging consumers on lifesaving medications like insulin.
  • Paid family leave for new parents and those caring for sick relatives – a program which would finally end the United States' shameful position as one of only three nations not to provide such a service.
  • Child tax credits – a transformative policy that would immediately lift millions of children in the United States out of poverty.
  • Increased clean energy to solve the climate crisis – a critical step toward tackling the existential crisis of our lifetime.


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