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This page is in need of updating. The internet landscape has changed considerably since this list was put together; newer projects such as SourceWatch need to be added, and some discontinued projects should be removed.


The internet is changing the nature of politics and government. In the face of ever-solidifying media consolidation, blogs now form the backbone of real reporting; web sites dedicated to exploring government, politics, and issues in general are popping up with ever-increasing frequency.

Issuepedia hopes to eventually be part of an interlocking network of such projects which together will provide a sound basis for managing the human realm (humans and everything they interact with) in a way that maximizes freedom and minimizes waste.

The List

  • under development as of 2007-12-18
  • OpenPolitics: apparently includes some attempt to support voting (within the site) on issues identified as significant
  • MorePerfect (wiki, forum, and blog): collaboration on laws and public policy
  • Campaigns Wikia: most similar project yet (found 2006-07-06)
  • Wikocracy: "This is a test to see what happens when everyone can write and revise the law." Failed, but offers some valuable lessons.
  • news article about projects with similar intent (but a slightly different approach) to this one
  • dKosopedia: "a collaborative project of the DailyKos community to build a political encyclopedia"
  • World Citizen (alt) at Wikia (formerly WikiCities)
  • Activism Wiki (alt) at Wikia (formerly WikiCities) (still very small as of 2005-04-07)
  • The Ideal Government Project
  • OurCampaigns: "collaborative political website"
  • WikiTution: first example I've seen of an attempt to use a Wiki to improve government (found 2005-06-11)