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Some articles which could contribute significantly to the content of Issuepedia but which I haven't got time to write (yet):

  • 2005-09-27 Forms of Government, with emphasis on how well they worked: look at wikipedia:List of forms of government. For each form of government shown, find examples in history (especially more recent history) and "review" that government's performance as far as individual prosperity, freedom, safety, and whatever criteria seem important for a government. (For that matter, what criteria do we use to evaluate a government's performance? That might be a good article too.)
  • 2005-09-14 WANTED: GWB supporters who are willing to engage in ongoing wiki discussion regarding his record, recent and past. Issuepedia needs more of the "red" side of the story. (Come on, conservatives -- stand up for your country! Expose the insanity of the left wing's propaganda machine!) Contact us via the Community Portal or by editing appropriate GWB-related pages (comments on Talk pages, add facts or opinions to the pages themselves):

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