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Regovernance is the act of repairing and/or replacing an existing but malfunctioning government via civil means.

There are probably historical precedents for this, but Issuepedia does not yet have any examples.

Two obvious general approaches to regovernance suggest themselves:

  • Conventional: making the necessary entirely within the existing legal framework (e.g. in a modern democracy: voting as a bloc, to overcome the divisive effects of the "two-party system")
  • Reconstructive: building a completely new governmental framework from scratch

Both of these require coordinated mass action in order to wield the necessary power. I suspect strongly that it is this requirement for power which has caused previous regovernance efforts to become corrupt -- "meet the new boss, same as the old boss". It is thus imperative that any regovernance efforts must be designed from the ground up to support the principles of a free and open society.

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The word "regovernance" does not appear to have been previously used in any clear or consistent way, so Issuepedia is appropriating it for this usage.