mapping out discussion with Wendy

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mapping out discussion with Wendy

I think we're agreed on the following points:

  • Trans women are women, trans men are men.
  • Trans people of all types are (as much as anyone else) entitled to NHS medical treatment, under their direction, to assist with transition and maintenance.
  • Actual trans women are not an enemy of cis women.
  • The trans legal situation the UK is generally much better than in the US.
    • Unlike the US, trans people already have full rights to be recognized as their gender identity. (This includes restrooms and so forth.)
    • ...and this may be a cause of some misunderstanding when UK people talk about trans issues on social media.
  • "Cis" is not a slur.

Points to be verified/discussed:

  1. There are people posing as trans women for malicious reasons.
    1. One example is UK/Karen White.
  2. The current furor is around the question of whether to expand those laws to give more protections, when they are fine as they are.
  3. Existing laws also leave loopholes for exploitation by fake trans people.
    Woozle (talk)13:43, 18 June 2020

    Point: The Trans Crime UK web site itself is a form of anti-trans agitation, and it should not exist. It may be valuable to have a list of examples of any given point, such as "trans people commit violent crimes", but setting aside an entire web site to draw attention to this fact distorts readers' perceptions of the problem.

      Woozle (talk)14:26, 18 June 2020