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My positions regarding DRM measures:

  • I will not spend money on digital content if I cannot freely copy it and use it wherever I copy it to.
  • I will not knowingly spend money on technology which supports non-copyable digital content.

This means no Kindle, and no Blu-Ray player until I can obtain copying software/hardware. (Right now, it's just not worth the money to even buy playing equipment.) I avoided buying DVDs until I found software capable of copying them. I have "ripped" most of my CD library to computer files, which is where I listen to them. (Fortunately, I have never encountered a copy-protected CD, as far as I can tell.) Our DVD collection is slowly being backed up as storage gets cheaper.

On the other side of the matter:

  • For material which ends up in my hands on terms to which the artist(s) did not consent (i.e. an illegal copy):
    • I will make every effort to compensate the artists/production, with priority given to (a) material I like and/or play repeatedly, and (b) material that is less popular and/or less well-funded.
    • I will also make efforts to obtain a legal copy, although this takes second priority over compensating the artists/producers. (Unfortunately, it is also often the easiest/cheapest solution -- e.g. used CDs -- while also not actually benefiting the artists in any clear way.)
    • If I am in a net-loss situation financially, though, I'm not going to spend money I don't have in order to do this unless I think the artist is especially needy.
  • I will not go out of my way to obtain materials to which I do not already effectively own a license (e.g. torrenting an album I already own on vinyl is ok, especially if it hasn't been remastered or otherwise improved from the version I have; torrenting an album I don't have in any form is something to avoid, unless it's the only way to get it).