War on science

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Persistent attempts to attack and undermine the credibility of science have been coming from the Bush II administration and the American political right in general.

These attacks have been most notable in the areas of:


The war on science refers specifically to initiatives which appear to be organized and widespread; individual or unorganized attacks on science are merely anti-science.


Science has been attacked from both ends of the producer-consumer relationship.

On one end we have the no-nothing deniers who convince others that all medicine is invasive and harmful, or at least not to be trusted.

On the other, we have pharmaceutical companies who exploit the unthinking faith in science that many people, especially the well-educated, still have (and which many understandably dig into in the face of the no-nothing assault) by conflating "science" with "pharmaceuticals", people in lab coats or with science degrees, etc.


  1. Better citizen access to raw data, and tools for understanding that data; the open science movement should help with this
  2. An actuarial yardstick -- analogous to XKCD's radiation dosage chart, but applied to odds of various events ranging from near-certainty to near-impossibility

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