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Until recently, a Trump nomination at the head of the Republican Party in 2016 is what Clinton's staff and political consultants had hoped for. Trump's high negatives mirror Clinton's in a general election – meaning that party loyalty and voter turnout matter more than momentum or message.

That, in theory, gives Clinton an edge. In every head-to-head national poll, Clinton tends to beat Trump by a few points.

But here's the thing. You don't become president by winning the national popularity contest. If that were the case, Al Gore would have been president, not George W. Bush. You become president with 270 Electoral College votes or more. And Trump, based on data (not emotion), is within striking distance of that benchmark based on historical data points.

That last paragraph fails to note that Bush won in 2000 by cheating, and that Gore would have been president if the process had been properly followed.

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