2004 US Republican Party Platform/7

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For 150 years, our Party has found its purpose in its principles. We confront big challenges instead of passing them on to future generations. We move forward with needed reforms to make the government work better for citizens. We fight important battles and champion freedom because by expanding liberty, we make our nation more secure.

This is the choice the American people face – moving forward or looking back, reforming government or settling for the status quo, producing results or playing politics. As Republicans, we know who we are and what we believe. As the Party of the open door, while steadfast in our commitment to our ideals, we respect and accept that members of our Party can have deeply held and sometimes differing views. This diversity is a source of strength, not a sign of weakness, and so we welcome into our ranks all who may hold differing positions. We commit to resolve our differences with civility, trust, and mutual respect, and to affirm the common goals and beliefs that unite us.

As the Party of Lincoln, we stand for freedom.

We stand for the freedom of families and individuals to have good schools, good health care, and affordable housing and services.

We stand for the freedom that comes with a good paying job in a growing economy.

We stand for the freedom and dignity of every human life, in every stage of life.

We know that freedom is not America's gift to the world; freedom is the Almighty's gift to every man, woman, and child in the world. And we stand for a hopeful tomorrow that will come from total and complete victory in the War on Terror.

These are values worthy of a great nation. And they are values worth fighting for. That is exactly what President George W. Bush continues to do. He is protecting us from danger by being prepared, strong, and steadfast. Vigilance is never easy. But it is always essential, now more than ever.

George W. Bush has done the hard work and made the hard choices required of an American President in challenging times. Because of his leadership, we are strong. Because of his vision, we will be even stronger. That is the pledge of this platform … and the promise of this convention.

  • REPORTED BY FULL COMMITTEE August 26, 2004 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, New York
    • Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie
    • Chairman Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, M.D.
    • Co-Chairs Governor Bill Owens Representative Melissa Hart
    • ALABAMA - Linda Maynor, J.T. Jabo Waggoner
    • ALASKA - Jonathon Lack, Gloria Shriver
    • AMERICAN SAMOA - Tautai Fa'alevao Sa'eu Scanlan
    • ARIZONA - Michael Andrews, Shiree Verdone
    • ARKANSAS - Jonathan Barnett, Anne Britton
    • CALIFORNIA - Araceli Gonzalez, Timothy LeFever
    • COLORADO - Lilly Nunez, Bill Owens
    • CONNECTICUT - John Frey, Patricia Longo
    • DELAWARE - Elizabeth Field, Patrick Murray
    • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - William Evans, Betsy Werronen
    • FLORIDA - Sharon Day, J. Allison DeFoor
    • GEORGIA - Linda Herren, Eric Tanenblatt
    • GUAM - Joanne Brown, Fred Castro
    • HAWAII - Willes Lee, Janice Pechauer
    • IDAHO - Thomas Luna, Karen McGee
    • ILLINOIS - Maureen Murphy, Harold Smith
    • INDIANA - James Bopp, Judith Singleton
    • IOWA - Paula Dierenfeld, Morris Hurd
    • KANSAS - Stephen Cloud, June Cooper
    • KENTUCKY - Karen Engle, G. Hunter Bates
    • LOUISIANA - Russell Pavich, Peggy Wilson
    • MAINE - Mark Ellis, Janet Staples
    • MARYLAND - Katja Bullock, Louis Pope
    • MASSACHUSETTS - William McKinney, Amy Speer
    • MICHIGAN - Glenn Clark, Cynthia Pine
    • MINNESOTA - Christopher Georgacas, Annette Meeks
    • MISSISSIPPI - Haley Barbour, Virginia Carlton
    • MISSOURI - Mark "Thor" Hearne, Ann Wagner
    • MONTANA - Erik Iverson, Shirley Warehime
    • NEBRASKA - Patricia Dorwart, Adrian Smith
    • NEVADA - Rew Goodenow, Bonnie Weber
    • NEW HAMPSHIRE - Richard Ashooh, Ruth Griffin
    • NEW JERSEY - Alex DeCroce, Barbara Sobel
    • NEW MEXICO - Joseph Carraro, Cecilia Levatino
    • NEW YORK - Mary Donohue, Raymond Meier
    • NORTH CAROLINA - Linda Daves, Woody White
    • NORTH DAKOTA - Curly Haugland, Karen Karls
    • OHIO - Michael Allen, Janet Creighton
    • OKLAHOMA - Baren Healey, Joy Pittman
    • OREGON - Jeff Grossman, June Hartley
    • PENNSYLVANIA - Philip English, Melissa Hart
    • PUERTO RICO - Carlos Chardonm, Miriam Ramirez
    • RHODE ISLAND - Bernard Jackvony, Patricia Morgan
    • SOUTH CAROLINA - Mike Fair, Kristin Maguire
    • SOUTH DAKOTA - Mary Jean Jensen, Ron Schmidt
    • TENNESSEE - Bill Frist, Beth Harwell
    • TEXAS - Cathie Adams, Kelly Shackelford
    • UTAH - Dannie McConkie, Gayle Ruzicka
    • VERMONT - Joseph Acinapura, Darcie Johnston
    • VIRGIN ISLANDS - Samuel Baptiste, April Newland
    • VIRGINIA - Kate Griffin, Paul Harris
    • WASHINGTON - Betty Hanes, Michael Young
    • WEST VIRGINIA - Cindy Frich
    • WISCONSIN - Crystal Berg, Don Taylor
    • WYOMING - William Cubin, Diana Vaughan
  • Platform Staff
    • Anne Phelps, Executive Director
    • Ginny Wolfe, Communications Director
    • Jim Neill, Administrative Director
    • Bob Dove, Parliamentarian
    • Alex Vogel, General Counsel
    • Eric Ueland, Special Counselor
    • Rebekah Krimmel, Platform Assistant
    • Anne Marie Falk, Platform Assistant
    • Kate Kobiashvili, Platform Assistant
  • Editorial Staff
    • Ed Walsh
  • Chairmen's Staff : Eric Ueland, Senator Bill Frist, M.D. Sean Duffy, Governor Bill Owens Bill Ries, Representative Melissa Hart
  • Subcommittee Staff
A special thanks to all our volunteers
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