2006-08-04 lucychili policy notes

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On the campaign wiki site there is discussion about language and content. imho the two flavours emerging are:

  • to use the campaign.wiki site to list the politicians parties and campaigns around the world with translations

this seems to be heading for a site with a main english basis with translations for other languages or other locations tranlated to english.

  • and then theres another group of people looking for a place to really thrash issues.

I'm one of those. For that to work the site needs to be *not* mainly english with translations ie there needs to be ways to include opinion from different perspectives and translate those into english and to distiguish those perspectives from english stories which start in english. ie in any language there will be material which started there and material translated to there from another language A wiki that took on this task would be very likely to be contentious and flamewarry, but if it got some momentum or structure based on

  • starting ideas
  • people's concerns perhaps linking to other refs
  • people's proposals for alternatives to current
  • people's examples of experiments of using different approaches etc.

There might be a way to use a wiki like that to formulate opinion and propose and even implement and report alternatives. Perhaps crazy ambitious but heavens knows we need somewhere to negotiate differently and to ask for different solutions than our governments currently offer? Lucychili 11:23, 4 August 2006 (EDT)