2008-07-06 Student Holds Eucharist Hostage/woozle

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I added the following as a comment at the Creative Minority Report posting the evening of July 8; by the following morning, it was scrubbed (all evidence that I had posted was removed) by the admin:

Seems to me that by attempting to elevate this harmless prank to the status of "hate crime", the Catholic Church has now lost any moral authority it might have had. How can it plausibly claim to care about the sanctity of human life when it apparently believes that the "improper" use of a piece of ritually-blessed cracker is worse than murder?

Not only was this nowhere near being a "hate crime", it wasn't even a crime: Mr. Cook was given the cracker to eat for goodness' sake. Even calling it "desecration" is a stretch that defies reason.

They can excommunicate him for violating the rules if they must, but leave it at that. All these threats and harassment are juvenile in the extreme -- far more juvenile than Mr. Cook's miniscule prank, which has unexpectedly done the world a significant service by revealing the level of thinking to which religion apparently confines some people.

The admin apparently closed comments after scrubbing my comment, claiming that we weren't following rules, i.e. being polite. Sheer hypocrisy.

A comment before mine which was removed less severely:

"This is just silly" said...

Amazing! All this anger and fury over a cracker, but when children are being molested not a word of complaint?

Interesting "morality" you got there.

This was obviously in reference to the ongoing abuse of minors by Catholic priests, which was suppressed by the church for several decades but finally reached the mainstream media in 2010.