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  • link: http://cafehayek.com/2011/04/other-peoples-money-2.html
  • date: 2011-04-24
  • title: [[]]
  • author: Don Boudreaux
  • summary: Wisely warning against the folly of government-subsidized high--
  • arguments:
    • Since high-speed rail does not seem to be profitable for private investors, it is a waste of money for the government to invest in it.
    • Since the government will spend money on wasteful projects like high-speed rail, this is strong evidence that other government programs ("such as education, health-
  • assumptions: All profit from a project can be measured in terms of profit to investors in that project.
  • conclusions: High-speed rail is a waste of money.
  • topics: other people's money profit high-speed rail passenger rail
  • example of: bad argument