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  • If the towers collapsed due to the weight of the upper floors crashing down on the floors below them, why were those dozen or so upper floors themselves not completely pulverized long before they finished pulverizing the remaining 50+ floors? (Did they have some kind of magical immunity to being pulverized just because they were on top? Oh, sorry, "magical immunity to being pulverized until completely finishing off the bottom floor, at which point they came apart just as they passed street level".)
  • Why is anyone still claiming that the twin towers collapsed due to extreme heat when this suggestion has been repeatedly shot full of holes?
  • What is the explanation for the diagonal cuts found in the steel girders in the wreckage of the twin towers?
  • What is the explanation for the sheer symmetricality and lateral forcefulness of the so-called "collapses"?
  • What is the explanation for the molten steel seen pouring out of WTC2 shortly before collapse, and found in huge pools in the debris weeks afterwards -- given that even the NIST admits the fires did not get anywhere near hot enough to melt steel?
  • What is the explanation for the thermite and iron globules found in dust from the towers' collapse? ...for the thermite residue found on the steel at Ground Zero?
  • What is the explanation for the highly symmetrical and very clean collapse of WTC7, given that NIST claimed it collapsed due to heavy damage on one side (said damage not being visible in any of the evidence publicly available)?
    • And what is the evidence, exactly, which leads the NIST to the belief that there was heavy damage on one side of WTC7? Why hasn't this evidence been released?
  • Why was there an explosion in the lobby of WTC7 before either of the twin towers had collapsed?
  • How could a civilian aircraft (no IFF signal!) get within striking distance of the Pentagon without being shot down by the Pentagon's ground-to-air defenses?
  • The hijackers named may have been ultimately responsible for flying the planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon, yes. But why weren't those names on the passenger lists? If they were flying under assumed names, which assumed names on the list were they flying under? Why did some of them later turn up alive, and why haven't the official lists been revised?
    • They were listed on the passenger manifests; there was a misunderstanding. See this.
  • Why didn't the 9/11 Commission Report explain anything about how the towers actually collapsed?
  • Why didn't it even mention WTC7? (It does now, though as I understand it it basically says "we don't have a good theory" and completely ignores the most obvious hypothesis, i.e. controlled demolition. Why did they ignore CD as a possibility, even if only to explain why it isn't likely, since that is the one explanation likely to be seized on by casual observers?)
  • Why were all the videos of the Pentagon crash confiscated, and why haven't any of them been released except for 5 highly questionable video frames?
  • Why was most of the debris hauled off before forensics experts could look at it?
  • Why were we utterly unable to intercept any of 4 planes, when such interceptions had been routine for at least a decade?
    • Did it have something to do with the multiple military exercises coincidentally scheduled for that day, one of which reportedly involved more or less the exact scenario which was unfolding in real life?
    • Why had intercept regulations recently been changed so that top-level authorization was required?
    • Why had airline pilots recently been deprived of the freedom to carry a sidearm?
    • How the hell did the hijackers manage to overcome the crews (many of them vets with combat experience) of four airplanes using only box-cutters??