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For reasons which are not yet clear, 9/11 Truth advocates evoke a considerable amount of antipathy in mainstream America. They are often derided as "truthers", "conspiracy nuts" or "wackos", and lumped in with a number of anti-science groups such as creationists, moon landing hoaxers, and even flat earthers – despite the fact that many of the objections raised by the movement are heavily grounded in science. It seems likely that this is due to straw-man advocacy promoted by the mainstream media, but further study is needed.


Sam Harris on 2010-08-13, listing a number of items which might be considered offensive (in an article which, ironically, included this advertisement):

You could also build an Institute of "9/11 Truth," catering to the credulity, masochism, and paranoia of the 16 percent of Americans who imagine that the World Trade Center was intentionally demolished by agents of the U.S. government.

A sample quote from a dialogue on Amazon Askville:

Anybody who would even consider the premise that a building hit by a 350,000 pound plane full of kerosene, that it fell down for any other reason than impact and fire damage, they're not in the fact-mulling business.

You might as well try to teach a pig to sing.



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