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9/11 Truth (also referred to as the "9/11 Truth movement" and derogatorily as "truthers") is a term adopted by those who advocate a new investigation into the events of 9-11, arguing that discrepancies between the official story and the available evidence, as well as evidence of improper conduct during those investigations, render the official conclusions not credible.

For reasons which are not yet clear, 9/11 Truth advocates evoke a considerable amount of antipathy in mainstream America.




The following groups seem to be the informal organizational core of the non-centralized "9/11 Truth movement".

Groups not yet evaluated:


  • Journal of 9/11 Studues (web): "It is now our belief that the case for falsity of the official explanation is so well established and demonstrated by papers in this Journal that there is little to be gained from accepting more papers here. Instead we encourage all potential contributors to prepare papers suitable for the more established journals in which scientists might more readily place their trust." Gives links to publications in more mainstream scientific journals.