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effectiveness of abortion bans
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Evidence in support of the idea that abortion bans are effective at reducing abortions is minimal; any that we come across will be posted here.

We will also post any claims that it is effective, regardless of whether they are backed by evidence.

Discussion of the effectiveness of other abortion-reduction laws is discussed under abortion/counterlaw.


  • 2008-12-01 Making Abortion Illegal Reduces the Abortion Rate: This seems to be arguing that the Guttmacher Institute is ideologically biased and therefore any claims they make about abortion bans not affecting abortion rates are thereby not to be trusted. Aside from the dubiousness of the premise, and the fact that this is basically an ad hominem attack, the fact remains that the data supporting the lack of effectiveness comes from many quarters; Guttmacher is basing their conclusions on that data, and is not the only source for it.