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This page is for discussion of the reasons why abortions are performed.

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It is reasonable to abort a pre-enervated fetus for any of the following reasons:

  • To save the life of the mother
  • To prevent a child from being born into circumstances where it would not be properly cared for (i.e. prevention of "unwanted children")
  • In cases of rape:
    • We don't want to help spread the rapist's genes, as his violent tendencies may be partly due to genetics.
    • We don't want to put the mother in the emotionally excruciating position of giving birth to (and having to deeply care for) a child who may resemble her rapist in many ways.
  • To prevent a child from being born with problems which would be likely to severely impair its future happiness (e.g. serious birth defects, congenital illness)
  • To prevent severe damage to the mother's economic well-being (e.g. when circumstances prevent the mother from becoming properly educated or pursuing a career if she has a child to nurse/raise), especially when combined with one or more of the above reasons
    • This reason is probably the most subject to abuse; it really depends a great deal on the circumstances -- how hard did the mother try to avoid becoming pregnant, how severely will her livelihood be affected, what viable alternatives exist, etc.