Abortion prohibitionism

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Abortion prohibitionism refers to the outlawing of abortion, which is a major political goal of the human life absolutism pseudoposition (itself often referred to as "pro-life" or the "right to life" (PL/RtL)). The abortion-prohibitionist element of the RL/RtL movement is less often but more accurately referred to as the "forced-birth movement", accurately implying that abortion prohibitionists would force all fetus-carriers to attempt childbirth regardless of any social or medical circumstances recommending against that choice.

The net effect of abortion prohibitionist policies is to maximize human procreation rather than to reduce the number of abortions.


This page is for discussion of abortion prohibition legislation, organizations, and campaigns. For discussion of the effects of this, which are almost always comingled with PL/RtL efforts, see human life absolutism.