Americans are against the Iraq war due to lack of fortitude

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The US-Iraq War


There have been repeated claims that flagging support within the United States for the ongoing occupation of Iraq, usually referred to as the "Iraq War", is due largely or entirely to a lack of fortitude (determination, resoluteness) on the part of the American people.


  1. This is at best a misrepresentation, taking what may be a small but significant component of anti-war sentiment and presenting it as the major or sole reason
  2. The main reasons Americans are against the war seem to be mostly the same reasons the Iraq war is unpopular globally, i.e.:
    • Americans were persuaded to support it originally on false pretenses
    • It has been poorly orchestrated at the topmost levels
    • It has dramatically harmed the cause of democracy and America's image worldwide
    • It has led to less safety and increased terrorism worldwide