Balkan Intervention

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Editor's Note: I'm having difficulty finding clear information about events relating to this title, so the following text is more guesswork than usual.

From Wikipedia: "In the 1990s, the region was gravely affected by armed conflict in the former Yugoslav republics, resulting in intervention by NATO forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. The status of Kosovo and ethnic Albanians in general is still mostly unresolved."

According to other bits I've read, NATO intervened in the crisis and was able to restore peace, with much continuing gratitude from the local population and with remarkably little loss of life. According to these sources, Bill Clinton was at least partly responsible for the careful planning and judgment which resulted in the operation going so well. (Still looking for documentation on those points, and on exactly what is usually meant when people talk about the Kosovo or Balkans in this context.)


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