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The Biblical definition of God is arguably self-contradictory, as given below. This fact is not taken excessively seriously by Biblical critics, as the terms used are all metaphorical rather than clearly defined, but it does illustrate how shifting definitions can lead to logical impossibilities depending on how you interpret them, and that this is a serious problem with the idea of Biblical literalism.

The Proof

  • God is Love (1 John 4: 8)
  • God is a Jealous God (repeated throughout the Old Testament, but e.g. Ex 34:14, Deut 4:24, Josh 24:19)
  • Love is not Jealous (1 Corinth 13:4)

So by logic we have:

  • A = B
  • B = C
  • A =/= C

So either God cannot exist, or the Bible's description of God is in error.


Credit: Pablo, who says it originally came from Wayne Delia on alt.atheism.