Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, generally referred to as "the Catholic League", is a non-profit organization which advocates for "the right of Catholics... to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination." The organization's president is Bill Donohue.

In 2008, the Catholic League attempted to cause trouble for biology professor and well-known blogger PZ Myers in reaction to his outspoken comments regarding Catholic reactions to the supposedly improper handling of a mass-produced holy object.


Going just from just the Sacred Wafer incident, they would seem to be a group of power-mongering outrageaholics.

It would also appear that their claim to speak for the Catholic community is in question. For example, one of their press releases disparagingly refers to the theory of evolution as the "King Kong Theory of Creation" -- despite the fact that the Catholic Church itself does not take a stand against evolution.